If you have just had an accident we can be there very soon. Our quick response to your scene guarantees us the ability to document the greatest amount of quality evidence before it begins to quickly deteriorate.

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TRTC employs a team of experienced experts who utilize specialized equipment to gather and document evidence from the accident site, review witness statements, and perform photo/video analysis to provide you with answers as to how the accident occurred. We use scientific, engineering, and mathematical technology to investigate the accident.


Since the origins of airbags in motor vehicles, manufacturers have installed devices in vehicles that command the airbags to deploy. The modern day version of this trigger is a computer that collects data from several sources throughout the vehicle.


Traffic Reconstruction and Transportation Compliance, Inc. team members are experienced professionals ready to provide services to meet your needs pertaining to a wide range of critical incidents. These can include accident evidence documentation, reconstruction, and testimony regarding automobile, motorcycle, pedestrian, commercial motor vehicle, and/or warehouse loading/unloading catastrophes. Our professionals are also trained and experienced in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations and are current Class A CDL holders.


TRTC is capable of retrieving the ECM data from your heavy vehicle.


Forensics 3D Animations can be a valuable demonstrative tool in a court proceeding. They allow the juror and the court to closely examine what occurred from a number of angles that wouldn’t necessarily have been available to the people involved in the crash, or to eye witnesses.

Live Crash Testing

The experts at TRTC have the experience and resources to perform a live, fully instrumented collision when your case requires an additional level of validation.

Aerial Scene Documentation

TRTC has the equipment necessary to document your scene from the air with precision, as well as gather the necessary data to work with our photogrammetry software

Berla iVe Vehicle Forensics Tool

Access the data stored in a vehicle’s infotainment and telematic systems including locations, routes of travel, cell phone activity, and more.

TRTC Accident Reconstruction Experts

We utilize sound scientific, engineering, and mathematical principles and technology to investigate the accident.

TRTC employs two teams of experienced professionals who utilize special equipment to document evidence from the accident site and vehicles involved, review witness statements, and perform photo/video analysis to provide you with answers as to how the accident occurred. We use sound scientific, engineering, and mathematical principles and technology to investigate the accident, and can recreate what occurred with computer animations and simulations

We rebuild the incident by:

  • Thoroughly Documenting the Scene

    We closely examine the scene in order to locate and document even the smallest or most faded details

  • Considering Responder’s Reports

    We review all available reports and speak with first responders if they’re available

  • Speed Analysis and Crash Causation

    We analyze physical evidence, video/photographic evidence, and statements

  • Documenting Vehicle Evidence

    We document physical damage to the vehicle’ exteriors and interiors, collect electronic evidence, as well as perform Commercial Motor Vehicle inspections

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