24 Hour Emergency Response


  • Office: 616-214-8365 M-F 9a-4p

Non-Business Hours:

  1. Marc Edgcombe: 616-610-0808
  2. Larry Baareman: 616-890-8900

In the field of Accident Investigation and Reconstruction, it is vital for the investigator and the client to have the best and most recent evidence available. This means getting to the scene quickly in order to capture those key pieces of perishable evidence. It is for this reason that we have two vehicles and two investigative teams charged with the sole purpose of rapid response to your accident scene. Using our quick response vehicles, we can be on scene within a matter of hours (location dependent) with every piece of State-of-the-Art equipment that we need to conduct a thorough, yet efficient, investigation of your crash. Using our Leica Robotic Total Station, we will quickly and thoroughly document your scene using processes called Forensic Mapping. If the vehicles involved are accessible, we will download them on the spot with our Bosch CDR equipment for passenger vehicles, or our Synercon Technologies Forensic Link Adapter for Heavy Trucks. Our TRTC quick response teams are always ready to respond to your crash and promise integrity and an honest analysis of the situation to ensure our clients are able to make the most important decisions quickly and effectively.