Live Crash Testing

The experts at TRTC have been involved with the Michigan Association of Traffic Accident Investigators (MATAI) for many years. Greg, Marc, and Larry have all presented, and continue to present and teach at MATAI conferences on a range of topics from Commercial Vehicle inspection techniques, FMCSA Regulations, crash reconstruction methods and principles from (beginner to advanced), and more. Greg, Marc and the rest of the MATAI crash team, assist in the analysis of the data gathered from each test to confirm vehicle speeds and angles while comparing those results to the video footage gathered during the tests. This serves to validate the reconstruction principles being tested.

Since 2009, Marc and Greg have been instrumental in designing, building, and operating the remotely controlled test vehicles utilized in MATAI’s tests.

What This Means for Your Case

Should our clients require additional validation for their case or a realistic demonstrative tool for a jury, TRTC’s experts have the experience and resources necessary to create and fully document a test, or tests. All tests are fully instrumented and recorded with high-speed video for the best presentation or analytical experience. Depending on the testing requirements, many tests can be carried out on our property, reducing the cost to our clients.

The following test was performed in 2017 at TRTC for a MATAI conference.