Forensic 3D Animations

Forensics 3D Animations can be a valuable demonstrative tool in a court proceeding. It allows a juror and the court to closely examine what occurred from a number of angles that wouldn’t necessarily have been available to eye witnesses, or people involved in the crash.

Another benefit is that it also allows the court to virtually see through the eyes of the people involved. In other words, we can put the jury in the driver’s seat and demonstrate what the driver could, or could not see.

This is accomplished by building the animation to real life specifications that show actual building dimensions, vegetation, landscapes, parked vehicles, and other visual obstructions that were present at the time of the crash.

You’ll see the crash occur in real time with each vehicle approaching and departing the point of impact according to the speed analysis that has been completed in the crash reconstruction, or we can slow the crash down for a more detailed experience.