Aerial Scene Documentation – FAA Part 107 Certified

TRTC is excited to announce that we now have the capability to utilize small Unmanned Aerial Systems (ie, Drones) to document scenes with more precision and expediency while maintaining compliance with FAA regulations. Using our sUAS, we have the ability to fly certain patterns over a scene or vehicle, taking a series of photographs which are then used to render a to-scale 3D model through a process called Photogrammetry. This model can then be imported into our animation and simulation program to accurately reproduce the scenes and vehicles with precision in size, elevation, and color. Animations can then be rendered in 4K resolution using the very photographs taken above the scene which include critical pieces of roadway evidence. Follow the links for more information on photogrammetry and our animation suite.

TRTC is committed to operating within compliance of the FAA’s applicable rules and regulations. Due to this commitment, Marc Edgcombe is a fully licensed Part 107 pilot. It should be noted that some crash scenes are located within airspace that drones cannot be operated in.

For more information, please contact Kendra at (616)214-8365 or