Berla iVe Vehicle Forensics Tool

Modern vehicles contain a large number of small computers, known as Electronic Control Units (or ECU’s) that control everything from the dashboard gauges to the door locks. Certain ECU’s are designed to provide the driver with a more in-depth level of interaction with their vehicle and can control many of the vehicle’s functions from a central location. An example of this type of interface would be the touch screens found in the central dash location, referred to as an “Infotainment System”. Using these screens a driver can control the radio, climate controls, make and receive phone calls, navigate, and more. Due to the wide-ranging demands of such a system, the ECU within the infotainment system is well connected on the vehicle’s networks and often logs network activity within the vehicle. This network activity data can be retrieved and analyzed by the experts at TRTC using the iVe Vehicle Forensics Tool to provide unique answers for your investigation. The iVe tool has been successfully implemented in many high profile criminal investigations around the country in recent history. The process for retrieving the data varies from vehicle to vehicle, but commonly requires the ECU to be removed from the vehicle and downloaded on the benchtop. Other vehicles can be accessed by simply inserting a special USB memory stick into a vehicle’s USB port.

The accessible data varies based on vehicle year, make and model as well the trim level, but can include the following:

  • Vehicle navigation data including user entered destinations and track logs which show the exact route a vehicle took and often includes speed data
  • Track logs also show the vehicle’s precise location at an exact date and time
  • Vehicle activity including doors opening/closing, gear selector position, lights on/off, etc.
  • Cell phone call logs and contacts (Certain GM models display contact photos)
  • Text messages
  • Connected devices indicating who may have been in the vehicle
  • Media activity including Podcasts an occupant was listening to before an incident subject to your investigation
  • Voice commands

For any questions regarding the data within a certain vehicle or the iVe tool, please contact Kendra at or at (616)214-8365